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Dr. Jennifer Welch, D.C. has been helping those with peripheral neuropathy since 2008, when she aimed to help those others had failed by using functional rehab (brain-based therapy) and nutrition (aka functional medicine). A constant knowledge seeker, she has several post-graduate certifications, including her certification in Chronic Intractable Pain and Neuropathy from the American College of Physical Medicine.

In 2017 she experienced peripheral neuropathy herself, with intense pain disabling use of her right (and dominant!) arm much of day and causing loss of sleep every night. From her education and experience, she realized time was of the essence, and sought help from several providers (because we're trained that you cannot treat yourself!), which failed to help her see lasting results.

Determined to find a solution, she had to "rewrite" her approach to neuropathy and found a system that had all the right pieces in place, with many offices around the country (including a "reformed" Harvard-trained anesthesiologist/pain doc) already seeing great success.

Dr. Welch has had many patients see improvements in their neuropathy, even those that were told nothing more could be done for them. If you're willing to do the work, there's a good chance the program, now mostly done by you at home, could work for you.

Dr. Welch's own neuropathy lasted about 6 months. She resumed care of her patients and her two growing children pain-free.

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Peripheral Neuropathy treatment Des Moines Iowa

Dr. Welch was featured on Channel 5's Iowa Live. Click here to watch!

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